Course Map

The Beach City 5K race course was designed by Ron Legg of Beach City, Ohio.  The goal is to provide a certified 5K race distance that is also record eligible and fast. Considering the limited area the village provides, the configuration of the streets and the terrain, the course is fast and flat and provides good access to the business area of town during the race.  It is our hope to provide a 5K race that runners will have their best chance to have a top performance on a course that is USATF Certified and Record Eligible. In late September most runners are in shape and the temperature should be low.  A true P.R. or top performance should be run on a USATF Certified Course which is Record Eligible. If a course start and finish are not close enough to each other or the starting point elevation is too high compared to the finish elevation or if wind is a factor, no record would be recognized.

We have many fine races in the area that are well run and have varying degrees of difficulty.  Some are flat, some are downhill, some just plain hilly, and a few up hill.  Each race is unique and special in its own way.  Beach City will have the reputation of being flat and fast. 

Click here for the official course map for the  Beach City 5K, as certified by the USATF.